Atrax-Tor Botnet

What is Atrax-Tor Botnet?

Atrax-Tor Botnet is a computer infection that can hide the location of its command-and-control center via TOR. It is a backdoor family and it is also known as Win32/Atrax.A. The name Atrax comes from a title on a logic screen that appears when you try to login to its command-and-control (C&C) center on the TOR network. Naturally, a regular computer user is not expected to dig down to the infection’s C&C, but you should be aware that something is not right with your computer’s system. Regular system scans should help you detect and remove Atrax-Tor Botnet along with the rest of the malware from your system ASAP.

Where does Atrax-Tor Botnet come from?

Just like a majority of backdoor infections, Atrax-Tor Botnet is dropped onto your system by a Trojan downloader. In this case the one responsible for infecting you with Atrax-Tor Botnet is Win32/TrojanDownloader.Tiny.NIR. This malware dropper installs the infection onto your computer by dropping its files into %APPDATA% along with TOR client. Security experts point out, that the hardcoded domain name for the malware dropper is, so in a way Atrax-Tor Botnet and its downloader are trying to trick system and users that it is a PayPal Customer Service operation. However, once the malicious files are dropped, the TOR botnet starts running.

TOR (The Onion Router) is free software that basically allows you to hide your IP address and your location on the Internet, so when Atrax-Tor Botnet makes use of this software it tries to hide the exact location of its C&C center, and make it untraceable.

What does Atrax-Tor Botnet?

Apart from the fact that Atrax-Tor Botnet makes use of TOR botnet to hides its traces online, it performs all the usual backdoor functions by downloading and executing various files, sometimes even installing more malware onto your PC. It can also add a number of plugins into %APPDATA% directory that further compromised your system. For example, Atrax-Tor Botnet is known to download and install a form grabber and a password stealer plugins. It means that Atrax-Tor Botnet can steal your online banking passwords which should be not surprising, because lately the main goal of all cyber criminals is easy financial gain.

How to remove Atrax-Tor Botnet?

Even security experts admit that it is basically impossible to figure out the original IP address for Atrax-Tor Botnet, because of the TOR bot network exploitation. Therefore, you should not try removing the malware on your own, especially if you are an inexperienced computer user. Invest in a powerful antimalware application and remove Atrax-Tor Botnet from your computer automatically. A legitimate computer security software will also ensure that your system is protect from other possible threats in the future. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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