Association Canadienne des Policiers virus

What is Association Canadienne des Policiers virus?

The Association Canadienne des Policiers virus is a new addition to the long list of infections that use the same attack techniques as PCeU virus, GVU virus and tens of other ransomware programs all over the world. Even though the virus in discussion is a threat to Canadian Windows users only, there are tens of others that could channel highly illegal activity. Some of the most recent programs Windows users all over the world should look out for are Strathclyde Police Virus, La policia ESPAÑOLA virus, Atenção! Seu computador e bloqueado! and Polizei österreich Virus. Even if your PC has been infected with one of the unmentioned Ukash viruses, you should continue reading as this Association Canadienne des Policiers virus removal report will provide you with useful and essential information.

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Association Canadienne des Policiers Virus Tricks

All Ukash infections, also known as Paysafecard viruses, share the same strategies and techniques to trick Windows users into giving up their money. Firstly, malicious programs are infiltrated into your computer through security loopholes which often are exposed by surreptitiously running Trojans. Further on, the scam is continued with your computer’s lock down and fictitious notification’s representation. Please see an extract that indicates supposedly performed actions of cyber crime:

Your computer is locked!
This could be due to one of the following reasons:
1. Your computer has been used to view banned Web sites
2. Your computer has been used to view Web sites containing child pornography.
3. Your computer has been used to illegal information, software.
4. Your computer has been used for storing / viewing pirated content.

Some Windows users might decide that the Canadian Police have actually detected cyber criminal activity within their computers, because downloading and storing pirated files on personal computers has become normal for some PC users. Even though you should not get involved with such activity as it can get you computer infected with malware, there is no reason to believe that your PC has been locked for a reason. Actually, the Canadian Police do not practice system paralysis to extract fines, which means that your computer will be unlocked only after you delete Association Canadienne des Policiers virus.

How to Remove Association Canadienne des Policiers Virus?

As mentioned before, the clearly active Association Canadienne des Policiers virus may not be the only infection running within your computer. Even though some Windows users will be able to inspect and remove some of the lurking malware, it is more likely that most users will miss malignant components and allow devious applications to regenerate. To prevent this from happening, team suggests you install automatic removal software to delete the infection and scan the computer.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 instructions:

1. Use the power button to restart the PC.
2. Once BIOS loads up, start tapping F8 on your keyboard. This will allow you to access the Boot Menu.
3. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select Safe Mode with Networking. Hit Enter.
4. Once you can launch your Internet browser, go to and download SpyHunter.
5. Install the application and let it remove the virus before resuming to regular Windows running.

Windows XP instructions:

1. Restart the PC.
2. Wait for the BIOS to load and start hitting the F8 button on the keyboard.
3. Select (use arrow keys) Safe Mode with Networking from the Boot Options menu.
4. When “Windows is running in safe mode” warning pops up – click Yes.
5. Expand the Start menu by clicking on it once.
6. Launch RUN and enter “msconfig”. Click OK.
7. Click on the Startup menu and select Disable All.
8. Download SpyHunter.
9. Restart the computer again, but this time do it normally.
10. Install SpyHunter and allow necessary malware removal processes.

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