Antivirus System

What is Antivirus System?

Antivirus System is a fake antivirus program else categorized as rogue antispyware. It means that the program tries to pass for a legitimate computer security application in order to convince you that your system is terribly infected with malware and you need to acquire a full version of Antivirus System in order to protect your system from ultimate damage. Nevertheless, the most important thing you need to do now is remove Antivirus System from your PC as soon as possible. It is virtually detrimental to allow the rogue to remain in your system, so you have to make sure that the infection is gone for good.

Where does Antivirus System come from?

If you have been infected with rogues before, you will probably notice that Antivirus System looks similar to PC Defender Plus. It also implies that we can expect the same nasty tricks from this fake AV as well. The rogue does not need your permission to enter your system – Antivirus System arrives at your computer surreptitiously, and performs specific modifications within the registry behind your back. These modifications are necessary for the rogue so that it would load automatically each time you turn on your computer. It is also very likely that Antivirus System is related to Trojans and worms, so you should perform regular system scans with SpyHunter free scanner to avoid all the infections possible.test

What does Antivirus System do?

Antivirus System’s behavior differs nothing from the regular rogue antispyware behavior – once the infection is in, it launches a full (and fake) system scan that “detects” an extensive list of malware on your PC. Obviously, the malware on that list is not present in your system and the rogue simply wants you push you into purchasing the license. To make matters worse, Antivirus System also spams you with fake system security notifications, such as:

Computer Security At Risk!
Your computer still under attack. Dangerous programs were found to be running in the background. System crash and identity theft detected. Remove malware now and get real time instruction protection?

Basically, Antivirus System makes an impression that you are infected with all the types of malware possible, and it also blocks you from running a number of system programs and process, in order to support its claims that you need serious protection. For example, when you try to run an important system process, you may receive the following message:

Antivirus System Firewall Alert
Notepad.exe is infected with Private data can be stolen by third parties, including credit card details and passwords.

How to remove Antivirus System?

It goes without saying that you cannot purchase the full version of this program, because then your financial information would be leaked to cyber criminals. You need to remove Antivirus System from your PC right now, and there are two ways to do it – manual and automatic. You will need a reliable computer safeguard application for the automatic Antivirus System removal. Not only is the automatic removal fast and efficient, it also ensures that all the other possible infections are removed from your PC as well. However, keep in mind that Antivirus System may block particular .exe files from running in order to protect ourselves, so follow our instructions below to bypass the obstacle.

Automatic Antivirus System Removal

  1. Access and download SpyHunter.
  2. Open Start menu and click Control Panel.
  3. Go to Folder options and select View tab.
  4. Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types option and press OK.
  5. Change the name of the downloaded file to explorer.exe.
  6. Run the file and scan your PC.
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Manual Antivirus System Removal

Manual rogue removal is not recommended unless you are an experienced computer user. We highly advise you to invest in a legitimate computer security application, but it you are sure that you can remove Antivirus System on your own, then do the following:

Kill these processes through Task Manager:%AppData%\[Random]\[Random].exe

Delete the following registry entries through Registry Editor

Remove these files


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