What is AllInOneKeylogger?

The clandestine AllInOneKeylogger is known by a number of alias names, including Spyware.AIOLogger, Sus/Dbot-A, Trojan.KeyLogger.origin and Application.AllInOneKeylogger.A. The suspicious program is categorized as a keylogger and you should keep your operating Windows system guarded against it at all times. According to researchers, cyber criminals may corrupt the seemingly authentic tool in order to initiate various illicit tasks leading to private data theft. Therefore, even though the program is promoted at and appears to offer reliable services, you should not trust it. Paying 69.95 USD for a tool which may endanger you virtual security is completely unnecessary; however, if you have already done this – delete AllInOneKeylogger without further delay.

Why should you remove AllInOneKeylogger?

AllInOneKeylogger promises you to record screenshots, monitor applications and capture keystrokes. However, what it does not disclose is that some of the malicious files can record your own keystrokes in order to retrieve private information. This is the main reason why you should delete this IWantSoft product which is applicable to most of the Windows versions. Right when you install the application or it is dropped onto your computer with bundled downloads, lvvortt.exe (1.56M) and aio_keylog_crk.exe (2.73M) are installed alongside. However, these are not the only files you may need to deal with. As research shows, you could also face such cloaked components as ctfmon.exe and Dllhost.exe. The first malicious executable is known to drop malware, record keystrokes, release fictitious security pop-ups, disable safe mode and reconfigure Windows Security Center. Dllhost.exe can use recorded login data to hijack your personal IM accounts and utilize them to spread malware. Additionally, the file can corrupt USB drives, release further bogus notifications and delete/create system processes. If you do not want to become a victim of a malicious scam, you have to delete AllInOneKeylogger files at once.

How to delete AllInOneKeylogger?

Even though AllInOneKeylogger is promoted as an authentic tool, you need to be extra cautious about its intentions. Having your screen content snapshots and private data recorded through keyloggers leaked to unfamiliar third parties is extremely dangerous. If you are ready to remove AllInOneKeylogger from the operating Windows system, we recommend that you install reliable security software which could delete malware automatically. Do you want to proceed manually? If the potentially unwanted program has already been corrupted by schemers, it is likely that your PC is already infected with malware. To avoid any virtual security risks – delete the application with an authentic remover.

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