What is popup? popup is a type of adware application that is embedded in a particular website by the site’s owner. Computer security experts report that popup is not a malicious computer infection, and so if you are seeing a lot commercial advertisements by Clicksor while you browse the Internet, then you just simply happen to enter a lot of pages that employ this advertising network for financial benefits. To avoid these advertisements, close the page you are on. If you are worried about the safety of your computer, you can also scan it with a reliable antimalware tool.

Where does popup come from? popup gets embedded on a web page by Clicksor contextual advertising network. The owner of the page agrees to add the advertising code to the page in order to make some financial revenue. Thus, you can obviously see that the presence of popup on a page has nothing to do with the contents of your hard drive.

Some users may say that there are a lot of websites that display popup, so it is hard to believe that personal computers are not affected by adware, but the thing is that Clicksor is a very popular advertising network and a lot of website owners add these commercial ads to their pages in hopes of making easy money.

What does popup do?

When Clicksor’s advertising code is embedded in a particular website, it displays several types of commercial advertisements. It may include text banners, pop-unders, inline text links, interstitial ads, pop-ups, graphical banners and so on.

Some users complain that they have been infected with Trojans and other forms of malware via popup, but that is very unlikely, because the entire advertising network is updated regularly to avoid any potential malicious exploitation. Nevertheless, popup is believed to be delivering ads containing links to .pdf exploits, Java exploits, rogue antispyware and other types of computer threats.

Although the advertising network itself may not be related to malware applications, there is always a possibility of malware exploitation left, and if you do not want to end up downloading any malicious files on your computer, it is recommended to avoid clicking popup ads.

How to remove popup?

It has been pointed out already, that the best way to get rid of popup is to close the website you have accessed. Nevertheless, if you really need the information on the page, then simply do not click any of the popup ads. Your computer will not be infected with malware just by entering the page.

However, if you believe that some potentially unwanted a program might have infiltrated your PC, then scan the system with SpyHunter free scanner and you will have your answer immediately. In case any potential threats are detected, invest in a computer security tool of choice to remove them ASAP. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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