What is AdBeaver?

Do not take any chances with an application known as AdBeaver since it is yet another ad-supported program. During our research, it has been found out that in quite a few cases this adware application is mostly able to gain access to a system of an unsuspecting user because its creators use deceiving marketing techniques. On its official website, this adware program is promoted as a tool that should present you with various discount offers, coupons, and promotional codes. It might sound like a great tool to run on your operating system, especially if you are a frequent online shopper. Unfortunately, this suspicious program will mostly interfere with your online activities since the web content that it presents you with is utterly worthless. In fact, this adware program will only cause disruptions every single time you decide to surf the web; thus making your overall online experience an annoying and frustrating one, to say the least. Make sure to read the rest of this report to find out more about the dubious functionality of AdBeaver. Below we also provide a detailed removal guide that will help you terminate this ad-supported program without encountering any major problems.testtest

What does AdBeaver do?

It is important to note that AdBeaver heavily relies on dubious browser extensions. Major web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are implemented with those questionable extensions once this adware successfully enters your operating system. As soon as this unwanted application is fully installed it will establish connections to dubious adware servers. Such connections are essential to the functionality of this intrusive piece of software because such servers are the main providers of unwanted ads, pop-ups, and coupons. Unfortunately, none of those ads or pop-ups will be useful. In reality, this program will only cause annoyance and frustration, making your online experience a bothersome one, to say the least. If that was not enough, you should know that some of the ads presented by this adware application could turn out to be hosting redirect links. This is a dangerous instance as by clicking on it you could get your operating system exposed to suspicious web content. For example, by clicking on an ad implemented with a redirect link, you could end up on a website with an active arbitrary code execution exploit, meaning just entering such a website could be enough to get your operated system infected. It should be quite obvious that AdBeaver is a major virtual threat and that running in on your operating system is a risk, to say the least. We highly advise you to remove this invasive adware application as soon as it is found running on your personal computer.

Where does AdBeaver come from?

Since it is impossible to obtain AdBeaver from its official website it is rather safe to assume that in the majority of cases this adware program is distributed via bundled installers. If you consider yourself a security conscious user who wants to maintain a computer free from any kind of suspicious program, you must take a few preventative steps. First of all, you should download your software from official creators’ sites only as such sites do not tend to present setup files filled with questionable programs. Bypass all third-party download websites at all times as they are infamous for being the primary source of software bundles. Also, you should pay your utmost attention to every single installation procedure as you might come across a chance to cancel the installation of some unwanted third-party program. Lastly, but most importantly, make sure to acquire a reliable antimalware tool to gain full system security at all times. Such a tool can warn you about any dubious website or installer beforehand.

How to remove AdBeaver

The removal procedure of AdBeaver is not that complicated since you can delete it via your browser settings. Once you are done with the manual removal, you should execute an in-depth analysis of your operating system for potential leftovers linked to this adware. It is critical to delete every single bit of AdBeaver since at times just a few leftover files or registry entries could be used to restore this adware without any notification. To avoid such instance, you should run a full system scan of your operating system by using a professional malware detection and removal tool. This way you will be sure that every single bit of this ad-supported application has been removed from your computer once and for all.

How to remove AdBeaver from your PC

Google Chrome

  1. Start your web browser.
  2. Click the Chrome Menu button.
  3. Select Settings and click Extensions.
  4. Click the Recycle Bin icon next to the unwanted extension.
  5. Click Remove.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Click the Menu button.
  3. Select Add-ons and then click Extensions.
  4. Click the Remove button,

Internet Explorer

  1. Launch your web browser.
  2. Click the Menu button and select Manage add-ons.
  3. Select Toolbars.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Locate the unwanted extension and click Remove.
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