"Access to your computer was denied" virus

What is "Access to your computer was denied" virus?

Even though "Access to your computer was denied" virus may be presented in various European languages, you should be surprised by its existence, if you do not live in Germany, since it is presented with GEMA credentials. The ransomware can slither into a computer using social engineering scams or vulnerabilities exposed by such malicious infections as Trojan:Win32/LockScreen.Cl or the Reveton Trojan. After this, the malignant virus is set out to breach your Windows Registry and tamper with the values of Task Manager and your computer’s screen. After the infection is done with its initial tasks, you will not be able to access any of the two, and you will be stranded with the notification displayed below. Once this happens, you should not panic and take appropriate measures to remove "Access to your computer was denied" virus, which you can learn reading this Anti-Spyware-101.com report.

Access to your computer was denied.
Illegally downloaded music tracks (in other words, “pirated copies”) have been detected at your PC. […]
The detected pirated copies were ciphered and copied to password-protected directory.
For unblocking and commission of any other actions resulted from infringement rule of law you should pay a penalty equal to €50. The payment should be delivered through our financial partner – Paysafecard.

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There are three misleading statements within this short excerpt from the fake notification that will be presented on top of your computer’s screen. First of all, the identification of the cyber crimes performed from your computer is completely contrived, and there is no doubt that no secret investigation has been made, since this is completely illegal. Secondly, the penalty demanded for the supposed crimes is also completely fictitious, because GEMA is not involved. Lastly, you should not think for one second that Paysafecard is a partner of cyber criminals. The online money transfers system has been linked to many Paysafecard viruses (e.g. GVU virus), but only because the services are untraceable and do not require identification, which is something that cyber criminals can use to stay undetected.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to remove this misleading alert from your screen, and you may even start thinking that you would rather pay the requested sum than have the PC locked for another hour. This idea is very wrong, and there is no guarantee that your computer would be unlocked even if you paid the money, which is why, I recommend following the instructions and having "Access to your computer was denied" virus deleted immediately.

1. Reboot the Windows system into Safe Mode with Networking.
2. Download SpyHunter, which will remove "Access to your computer was denied" virus and will guard the computer for long time to come.
3. Restart the system and enjoy regular Windows running.

Windows XP users should: reboot the PC) into Safe Mode with Networking, download antimalware tools, disable Startup programs from the MSConfig, and install automatic removal software AFTER restarting Windows normally. 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of "Access to your computer was denied" virus*


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