A Facebook Worm to be careful about

Even though a detection by an antimalware tool known as Trojan.Agent.ED is a generic one, malware experts at Anti-Spyware-101.com have discovered that in quite a few cases this detection is linked to a newly crafted Internet worm often referred to as the Facebook Worm or Kilim Facebook Worm. If you have encountered anything associated with Trojan.Agent.ED you should take immediate measure to investigate what kind of infection is active on your PC, and you should remove it immediately. Do not take any chances with this infection as you could face devastating consequences. Read the rest of this article and find out how the Kilim Facebook Worm functions and why its removal is of paramount importance.

Where does the Kilim Facebook Worm comes from?

Just as the name of this infection suggests mostly users of Facebook are targeted. In most cases, users are presented with a .exe file known as Videos_New.mp4_2942281629029.exe, which, in reality, is an executable used to launch the Facebook Worm. Usually. This malicious .exe file is advertised as a video of pornographic content. If you encounter any message or a post on your Facebook wall associated with the mentioned file, do not click on it, as the outcomes could be devastating. In order to prevent this infection from entering your PC, you should practice safe browsing habits. In addition to that, every security conscious user should have an active antimalware tool on their PC at all times.

What does the Kilim Facebook Worm do?

It takes quite a few steps for this infection to start fully functioning on your PC. Quite a few redirections will take place after you try to download the malicious .exe file. Once all the steps are completed the infected computer will become a bot, which will be used to spread this malware via Facebook. Your Facebook friends might receive a private messages sent with the malicious link or wall post that would also include the malicious link. If you, or your Facebook friends, have noticed such behavior, you should take immediate measure to remove the Kilim Facebook Worm as soon as possible as it is a major virtual threat.

In addition to making your computer a bot, this worm will also compromise the Google Chrome web browser. First of all, a malicious extension will be installed without your authorization. Additionally some restriction will be employed. You will not be able to access the extension page. This is so you could not remove the unwanted extension. Also the shortcut of the web browser will be customized so each time you launch the web browser you will be redirected to the Facebook website. After all of these changes are made to the Google Chrome browser the attackers will have the ability to track all the user activity within it. It is extremely dangerous as you could lose your credit card data without even realizing it. Also other Internet-based infection could use this security breach as a backdoor into your PC.

How to remove Kilim Facebook Worm

Unfortunately, removal of the Kilim Facebook Worm is very complicated as manual removal requires advanced computer and malware knowledge. This is why malware experts at Anti-Spyware.com advise every casual computer user to remove this computer worm with a professional antimalware tool as it ensures that every bit of the infection is removed. Do not hesitate to implement a reliable malware detection and removal tool in order to get rid of this infection as the consequences of it running on your PC could be devastating. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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