Monthly Archives: December 2016 - Page 10 is the newest invention from the authors of a questionable search engine family that contains identical clones and very similar siblings, including,, and As its name suggests, this search engine offers access to meme-related contents. However, our malware specialists at say that this is just another browser hijacker that may expose you to unreliable third-party content. Such an infection can be “covertly” used to promote affiliates through advertising and search result hyperlinks. Another potential threat or multiple threats that may be linked to this browser hijacker is that it may not enter your computer all alone. We advise you to remove if you want to make sure that you do not risk more infections slithering onto your computer or getting scammed on malicious pages you may end up on by using this search engine. Read more » is a browser hijacker that you should never have active on your personal computer. It is crucial to avoid it if you ever happen to encounter it. Make sure not to download or install it under any circumstances because it is only known for its capability to ruin online experience; making surfing the web a frustrating and annoying task, to put it mildly. Also, there is a possibility that it could prove to be the main reason other suspicious programs might be able to enter your computer without any real difficulty. If you consider yourself a security-conscious user, make sure to read the rest of this report: we provide our further findings regarding this hijacker's suspicious functionality along with a few virtual security recommendations that should help you maintain a fully secure and clean system at all times. Lastly, we provide an in-depth manual removal guide, which will allow you to completely remove from your PC once and for all. Read more »

You may be given the impression that is a safe and reliable search engine, but the truth is that it is nothing more than a browser hijacker. Hence, it is distributed in a highly malicious manner so that it can enter your computer without your knowledge or authorization, so you should consider removing it. Its developer is unknown, and our researchers say that it is designed to replace your browser’s homepage in an effort to subject you to commercial advertisements and promotional links that you will see in its search results. It is no different from hundreds of other browser hijackers, but we still want to focus on this hijacker in particular so that you could know what you are dealing with exactly. Read more » Ransomware Ransomware Ransomware is a program that has been created to extort money from innocent computer users. This dangerous infection strikes when you expect it the least, and it makes it seem as though there is no other way out of this situation, but to pay. Computer security experts, on the other hand, discourage users from paying the ransom because there is no guarantee the program will live up to its promises. One thing is clear, though: You need to remove Ransomware from your computer immediately, and you have opened the right page. In this description, we will tell you more about the infection and how to get rid of it. Read more »