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Personal Security

Personal Security is a fake malware remover, also known as rogue security software. PersonalSecurity does NOT remove malware from infected computers, but instead poses as a legitimate security tool, and only ends up ripping people off. Personal Security is corrupt software, designed to scam people out of their money and is a vaery dangerous XPAntivirus fake program. Personal Security infects computer after computer, and does so effectively, using the help of Trojan viruses and misleading advertising on the internet. Once installed on a computer, Personal Security will perform a ‘system scan' and report multiple infections. These infections do not exist! Personal Security reports false infections in an attempt to coerce people into thinking their computer is completely buggered, and the only remedy is to buy the full version of Personal Security to remove the infections. Do NOT fall for the Personal Security scam, whatever you do! Bear in mind that all security warnings, system scans and alerts from Personal Security are fake, intended to only scare the system user into buying this fake security software. Read more »

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