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Zorton Win 7 Antivirus 2014

Zorton Win 7 Antivirus 2014 is a fake antivirus program which means that the application tries to pass for a legitimate computer security program. The rogue tries that because it needs to convince unsuspecting computer users their systems are threatened by serious infections, and thus they need to activate the full version of Zorton Win 7 Antivirus 2014 to protect their computers from harm. Needless to say, the scam is devised to help cyber criminals make easy money, and your job right here is to remove Zorton Win 7 Antivirus 2014 from the system without further ado. Read more »

Zorton Win 7 Protection 2014

Zorton Win 7 Protection 2014 is deceptive software program aimed at obtaining your money. The infection is installed without the user’s permission when browsing unsecured websites, such as adult-themed websites and freeware distribution websites. Once installed, the Zorton Win 7 Protection 2014 malware blocks executable files and shows a fake scanner, which should be disregarded because it is displayed to make you think that the system is infected. All those Trojan horses, rootkits, and other infections listed by Zorton Win 7 Protection 2014 are not present on the computer, so there is no need for you to waste money on the fake full version of this counterfeit security program. Zorton Win 7 Protection 2014 should be removed from the computer immediately, so take action right now. Read more »

Zorton Win XP Protection 2014

Zorton Win XP Protection 2014 affects Windows XP operating systems; however, the dangerous infection can also affect Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista operating systems. The rogue’s interface is adjusted accordingly to the targeted system, and this is what helps schemers attack more systems and fool more Windows users. Unfortunately, Windows XP users are the most vulnerable ones, because their operating systems are not longer supported by Microsoft. This means that if reliable malware detection and removal tools are not installed, cyber criminals could use different security loopholes to infiltrate the rogue. Zorton Win XP Protection 2014 can corrupt your PC using social engineering and drive-by download attacks. If the threat is already running on your operating system, there is nothing else that you should do but remove Zorton Win XP Protection 2014. The longer you wait to delete the threat, the more vulnerable your virtual security will be. Read more »

Zorton Win 8 Antivirus 2014

Zorton Win 8 Antivirus 2014 is not a genuine program. It will not scan your operating system and will not list real infections that require removal. The application will not guard your operating system against the attacks of cyber criminals either. This may be surprising if you think that Zorton Win 8 Antivirus 2014 is a legitimate security tool. The truth is that this supposedly reliable program is just another fictitious antivirus that has been created by cyber criminals. We can guarantee that it is absolutely necessary to remove Zorton Win 8 Antivirus 2014 from your operating system. Those computer users who do not delete the threat will be exposed to the risk of virtual identity theft, as well as monetary loss. Overall, the rogue has been created to get your money, and it will employ various tricks to succeed. Read more »



PepperZip is yet another potentially unwanted program; however, this one is far more dangerous than the previously reported Advanced Cleaner Pro, PC Optimizer Pro, or other unreliable PUPs that require removal. This devious application not only asks its users to pay money for questionable services, but also silently installs a potentially dangerous Trojan. Even though it is not difficult to remove PepperZip, the Trojan is unpredictable, and the infections related to it could be much more malicious than the PUP itself. Do you know how the Trojan works? Do you know how to detect and delete it from your operating system? Do you know how to delete the potentially unwanted program PepperZip? These are the questions that we have addressed in this report. Read more »


VideoCnv is a serious computer infection that might enter your system without your consent if you use P2P clients or download torrent files. In addition, it might enter your system with a help of other computer infections. Actually, it does not seem that you will notice the presence of VideoCnv yourself because this threat just runs in the background. However, if your scanner has already detected it, you should better hurry to delete VideoCnv from the system because this Trojan horse might install a number of other unreliable applications on your computer. In addition, it might perform various suspicious activities behind your back. Keep in mind that it is impossible to eliminate Trojan via Control Panel; thus, it is not surprising that VideoCnv cannot be removed very easily as well. Read more »

Advanced Cleaner Pro

Advanced Cleaner Pro

You cannot trust the Advanced Cleaner Pro scanner, because it cannot identify real registry issues and cannot advise you on which junk files to remove from your operating system. Even though the application promises to clean out unnecessary, space-consuming files, it can only delete empty registries and disable non-existent errors, and so we can assure you that the program is useless. researchers believe that it is best to remove Advanced Cleaner Pro, and this can be done in several different ways. Some computer users will get away with the manual removal; however, others will need to install automatic malware removal software. Continue reading, and you will learn how to successfully delete the undesirable application from your own PC. Read more »

Daring Deals

Daring Deals is an application which you may be offered when installing other applications. Some computer users install the suspicious extension onto Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers accidentally. If you have installed the application without knowing much about it, you should be concerned as well. researchers have found a way to remove Daring Deals from the browsers and the operating system. Continue reading the report, and you will find all the answers to the questions about the removal of the suspicious advertisement-supported program. Do you understand why we recognize Daring Deals as adware? This is because the application has been created to present third-party ads, and this is the main reason why every Daring Deals user must delete the application. Read more »

Update Windows Drivers Pop-up

Update Windows Drivers pop-up is a deceptive ad that you may encounter after your operating system gets infected by an adware program. The so-called Update Windows Drivers Pop-up is displayed on a browser tab and can appear on the screen when using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or any other program. The pop-up warning explains that you should update the drivers of the operating system in order to reduce crashes and avoid other system malfunctions. Moreover, the offer to update your drivers is usually sent from Read more »

Your Operating System Has Errors pop-up

Your Operating System Has Errors pop-up may show up in a banner advertisement, and you should not ignore it. Clicking on this pop-up is not what you should do either; however, you must figure out why you are being introduced to the suspicious advertisement. Some users will face this ad simply because they visit unreliable websites. Stay away from unreliable torrent and file-sharing sites, as well as adult-content related websites, because these are mostly used by unreliable advertisers. Of course, the disturbing pop-up may show up if malware is already active on your PC, and this may be an issue. If you want to learn how to delete Your Operating System Has Errors pop-up and remove the related malware from your operating system, this is an article you should read. Read more »