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The interface of indicates that it is a search engine; however, as you enter search keywords, you quickly realize that it does not produce results. Instead, it reroutes you to a different search engine to show you the information you are interested in, as well as sponsored links. malware researchers have found that this “search provider” might use a third-party search engine to showcase advertisements. The search engine exploited for that is Yahoo Search, and, undoubtedly, many users will not even realize that sponsored links are included. In the meantime, the creator of the misleading search tool earns money. In general, this search results-providing tool is unlikely to have been developed to help you. It is more likely that it was created to assist advertisers and promote third-party content. Sure, part of it is harmless (e.g., quick-access links to legitimate sites). All in all, we recommend deleting from your browsers, and you can learn more about this by reading the report. Read more »

An unauthorized change of your web browser's default settings is indicative of a browser hijacker being fully active on your operating system. An application called is yet another hijacker that is known to be roaming the web nowadays. It goes without saying that this intrusive piece of software must be terminated without any hesitation as it holds no beneficial features whatsoever. In reality, it is only capable of interfering with you daily online activates. In short, it will make surfing the web a bothersome and frustrating task. It should not be tolerated not only because of its invasive features but because at times it could prove to be rather dangerous as well. It has been noticed that in some situation the hijacker in question could be the primary reason your operating system might be exposed to potentially malicious web content which could lead to detrimental outcomes, to put it mildly. Do not waste your time and delete if, unfortunately, you already have it active on your personal computer. Read more »

It is rather peculiar as to why a website called has ice-cream icon on its main page, but the bottom line is that his homepage belongs to a browser hijacker, and so you should steer away from it. If your default homepage was changed to this website, it means there are unwanted programs installed on your computer. To remove, you have to remove all those programs and restore your browser settings. If you fail to do that, it is very likely that you will soon be exposed and infected with multiple other malicious programs. Do what is right, and safeguard your computer against all the potential threats. Read more » is a browser hijacker that comes into your system uninvited. It is a computer infection that has been created to generate a financial profit. Luckily, browser hijackers are not severe security threats, but our main problem with that is that they can be easily exploited by malware distribution and personal information collection. Of course, no one would want to go through that, so it is up to you to remove from your system as soon as possible. We have provided the manual removal instructions below this description, but if you feel that you do not want to do it on your own, you can always get yourself a powerful antispyware tool. Read more »

The first thing you need to ask yourself when you find set as your homepage is where did this suspicious search tool come from? Did you install it yourself or was it installed without your permission? Most “victims” will admit to knowing about this search tool but not knowing how it works. The thing is that it is originally represented as a browser extension called “Your Instant Television.” Well, when you install this extension, you realize that you need to accept homepage modifications. Moreover, there is nothing more to this extension than the search tool itself. It’s all a little confusing, but the bottom line is that the extension was created to introduce you to the search tool, and you are forced to accept it if you want to proceed with the installation. After thoroughly analyzing it, malware researchers have come to a conclusion that it is best to delete because it acts as an unpredictable browser hijacker. Read more »

If you end up on a webpage at while browsing the web, it could mean that your computer is infected with malicious programs. According to our malware researchers at, this is an adware server that can harm your computer in a number of ways if you engage with its content. It is one thing that you could be scammed into thinking that you can win money after revealing your e-mail address and other personal information that could be misused by schemers. But unfortunately you could also drop multiple security threats onto your system or become more exposed to unsafe third-party web content while browsing the web. Therefore, we suggest that you remove before you get unlucky and your system refuses to work properly. Read more »