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Although changes within your web browser might not seem relevant, you should be aware of the fact that usually they are made by a browser hijacker. One new hijacker that could be the reason behind these changes is entitled Malware experts at advise you to get rid of it as soon as it is discovered up and running on your personal computer. This is critical not only because the hijacker in question will ruin your daily web surfing activities but also because it could be the primary reason your operating system could get infected with some other intrusive application. Thus, if you already have it already active on your personal computer, make sure to check it for other dubious programs. Read the rest of our article to find out how works and how it can be removed from your system in just a few simple steps. Read more » is a browser hijacker, and it wants its victims to believe that it is a legitimate search engine. Since the tool comes with a rather user-friendly interface, perhaps it could be quite successful in its task if it were not for the distribution method: Users do not even know how this browser hijacker settles in their systems. Whichever the distribution method may be, it is your task to remove from your computer as soon as possible. Of course, there is no room for panic because this type of infection is far from a severe system threat. However, any kind of intruder is an intruder, and you should never tolerate one. Read more »

Our security analysts at have found that is nothing more than a browser hijacker that is distributed using dishonest means, so you have to remove it as soon as you notice its presence. If you do not do anything about this hijacker, then you will put your computer’s security in jeopardy because it does not only modify browser settings but is also likely to display commercial advertisements in its search results. The ads may redirect you to questionable websites so you should be wary of the contests that they provide. In the worst case scenario your PC might become infected with more dangerous malware, or you might get scammed, so there is no reason to keep on your browser. Read more »

Instead of gaining access to movie providers, you will be exposed to if you download an extension that goes by the name “Easy Movies Access.” This extension appears to be published by Express Software, but it is associated with SaferBrowser, a company that is also associated with,, and many other browser hijackers. The distribution of this software is extremely questionable, and you can read more about that in this report. It was created after thoroughly analyzing the suspicious software in our internal lab, where the removal of and Easy Movies Access was tested as well. You can go straight to the guide below to learn how to eliminate this software, but we encourage you to read the report first. If you take time to familiarize yourself with this suspicious software and its activity, you might be able to avoid similar kind of software in the future. Read more »

Search Privacy

Search Privacy

Search Privacy is an extension that promises to “protect your privacy every time you search” if you download and install it. The extension can be downloaded from its homepage (Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer versions are available for download there) and the Chrome Web Store ( Judging from the rate of downloads, Search Privacy is not an extremely popular piece of software because Google Chrome users have downloaded it 18 225 times in total. Of course, everything might change quickly. We have to say that not all the users install this extension willingly. Researchers have revealed that this software might sneak onto computers without permission too. If you cannot remember downloading it too, remove Search Privacy without further consideration. Of course, you should also not keep it if you have installed Search Privacy yourself but do not find it useful at all. Fortunately, it will not be very difficult to erase the extension from browsers. Read more » is an irritating browser hijacker that needs to be removed from browsers immediately. Unfortunately, it will affect all of them, so you will not be able to run away from it easily too. Unlike other browser hijackers, not only installs extensions to appear on browsers, but also creates its own files once it enters the system. Therefore, we believe that it will affect your browser again even if you reinstall it. The only solution to the problem is to fully remove a browser hijacker from the system. You need to hurry to do that not only to be able to set another website as your homepage, but also to ensure the system’s safety. As creates its own files on the system and makes other changes (we will tell you more about them further in this article), it will not be easy to get rid of this threat; however, we are sure that it will be clearer for you how to remove this browser hijacker after you read our article. Read more » looks like any other legitimate search page, but underneath the misleading surface lies a gloomier reality. In fact, our malware researchers at have categorized this infection as a browser hijacker due to the fact that it is capable of modifying certain browser settings. What’s more, this hijacker might even be installed without your permission, which is indeed a clear breach of your privacy, i.e., an illegal act. If this is not enough for you to want to remove right away, let us explain in more detail how this hijacker can put your virtual world at risk and what you can do against it. We can already tell you that most likely this infection is not the only one you need to eliminate. Please continue reading if you want to know how you can protect your computer from similar threats. Read more »

If you ever happen to come across an application that is called, you must avoid it at all times since it will only have negative effects on your web browser and online experience in general. This is not surprising since the devious piece of software has been classified as a browser hijacker, and just like any other program of this category it should be removed from your personal computer without any hesitation. This must be done because the browser hijacker in question could turn out to be just as malicious as well as it is annoying. At times it could be the reason your computer might get exposed to devious online content that could eventually lead to a system infection. If you are a security conscious user, you should understand that the complete removal of is a must. Terminate this hijacker by following the removal instruction that we present below. Read the rest of this report to find out more about the intrusive functionality of this devious program. Read more » has an interface of a harmless search provider. On top of that, it provides links to,,, and, all of which are harmless links to legitimate websites. Needless to say, this search tool does not look suspicious at all. However, if you use it as a regular search provider, you will find yourself being redirected to Yahoo. Although this search engine is not malicious, it could be exploited by the browser hijacker for promotional purposes. Have you used this search tool, and advertisements or useless links were provided to you instead of regular search results? You might unknowingly interact with these links and get yourself into trouble. This is one of the main reasons to delete from your browsers, and our researchers are here to assist you with the removal operation. Read more » is a search engine you need to get rid of immediately after you encounter it because it is known to be a browser hijacker, and it is evident that it might quickly cause harm to your computer. It will become immediately clear for you that a browser hijacker infection has sneaked onto your system because the settings of all the browsers you keep installed, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox will be changed. Speaking more specifically, you will see a new search engine set in the place of your homepage and default search engine. This also means that you will be forced to use it unless you delete it and set a trustworthy search engine instead. If you do not do that soon, it is very likely that you will put your system in danger. In addition, you will not perform web searches effectively because shows ads instead of returning the reliable search results. Specialists working at will explain how works in a more detailed way in the following paragraphs. Read more »