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Primary Color

Primary Color

Many computer users think that Primary Color is a very useful application because it promises to enhance browsing experience, enable users to compare prices, and find the cheapest products on the web. Unfortunately, our specialists do not think that it can be trusted because it is a typical advertising-supported application. Adware programs are not published in order to act beneficially for computer users, so you will soon find out that Primary Color is not only useless, but also very annoying. Do not worry; you can remove Primary Color anytime and put an end to all its suspicious activities. Read more »


MarketCompare is advertised as a program that analyzes the virtual shopping market and provides the best deals. Do you expect this program to compare prices and provide you with useful coupons? Our malware researchers have to disappoint you, because the supposedly beneficial browser add-on is just an unreliable advertisement-supported program that, if you do not delete it, will expose you to virtual security threats. Needless to say, the sooner you remove MarketCompare from your browsers and your operating system the better, because you will encounter fewer security issues. Do you think that you will delete MarketCompare by uninstalling it like any other undesirable program? If this is what you think, you definitely need to read this report and follow our removal guide. Read more »


DollarSaver is unlikely to help you save a single dollar. Of course, this program is presented as a useful and trustworthy program, but that does not mean that it actually is. The developers of malware would never be able to infect as many operating systems as they do every day if their infections were not concealed. Our malware researchers identify DollarSaver as a threat as well, but most users recognize it as a useful browser extension that delivers reliable discounts and deals. The problem is that this supposedly reliable browser extension is an advertisement-supported program that requires immediate removal. If you do not delete this threat, your virtual security will be put at risk! If this is something you want to avoid, you must remove DollarSaver. Read more »

Knowledge Gains

Identified as adware, all Knowledge Gains does when it reaches target systems is display annoying third-party commercial material. We recommend that you remove this adware application even if you find coupon offers or discount deals interesting enough. Be aware that the advertising material this program promotes might contain corrupted links that can infect your PC with with Trojans, ransomware, or other dangerous content. As you might never know what threats lie behind all the product or service ads, delete Knowledge Gains immediately. So, if you have already started seeing such tags as “Ads by Knowledge Gains” or “Provided by Knowledge Gains,” it is time to make sure your system is protected. Read more »


SpaceCouponApp is categorized as adware. Adware is the name that is used for programs that are developed to show commercial advertisements on your computer whenever you access affiliated websites. SpaceCouponApp definitely does the same. In order to display commercial advertisements, this application will also collect information on what websites you visit thus apparently trespassing your privacy. Therefore, you must remove SpaceCouponApp from your system in order to ensure that your personal information does not get leaked to malevolent third parties, and your computer remains secured against potential malware infections at all times. Read more »


NiceOffers is a potentially dangerous application that might lead to severe computer security issues, especially if you tend to click various pop-ups and other online shopping offers without any second thought. NiceOffers is nothing but an adware program that is there to make money for the people behind it. If you do not remove NiceOffers from your computer at once, you can be sure that soon enough you will no longer be able to operate your computer properly. Adware programs present a variety of computer security issues, so you should not tolerate them. Read more »

Browsing Clear

Browsing Clear is one of those malicious computer infections that you need to protect your operating system from. If you download software from unreliable sites, this malicious ad-supported program could slither in without much warning. Even if you do not install Browsing Clear, it is possible that you will have to delete its clones, including WhiteOffersApp, ClearNiceBrowse, and RocketDeal. All of these ad-supported programs were created using the Justplugit engine, but it is unknown if they all were created by the same party. Regardless of the developer, we can assure you that you need to delete all ad-supported programs from the Justplugit family. Right now, you might need to remove Browsing Clear. Unfortunately, computer users encounter many removal issues. Read more »


RocketSale is an adware program that should not be trusted under any circumstances as it could impose major virtual threats. Even though adware applications are infamous for causing endless annoyance and frustration, malware experts at have discovered that in some cases RocketSale could turn out to be quite malicious. Do not take any chances with this intrusive adware program as you could end up with a system filled with various unwanted or even potentially malicious programs. Take immediate measures to remove RocketSale since that is your best bet to maintain a system that is clean, secure, and fully functioning. Read the rest of this article to find out why the removal of RocketSale should be of the utmost importance. Read more »


RightOfferApp is an adware application that will turn your daily web browsing into hell if you do not remove it from your computer right now. Do not panic, this application is not a malicious computer infection. You have most probably installed RightOfferApp bundled with other freeware applications. Yet for this reason you should scan your system with a legitimate antispyware application to see just how many unwanted programs you have on-board. As you can already tell, RightOfferApp is not the only application you must remove, and the sooner you terminate all the potential threats, the better. Read more » is a search engine that will track your web browsing habits, exposing you to a number of potential security issues. If you this search engine gets set as your default homepage without your permission, it means that you have been infected with a browser hijacker, and you must remove immediately. Browser hijackers may not do explicit damage to your system’s security, but they could be exploited by cyber criminals as malware distribution tools, so to ensure your system’s safety you must get rid of as soon as possible. Read more »