What is is an unreliable search engine that can take over the popular Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox browsers, due to which we identify it as a browser hijacker. Even though it might seem as if the unreliable search engine is just a funny version of the Yahoo Search, we can guarantee you that it is not. If it were, we would not advise removing from your browsers! It is necessary to delete this hijacker because it can present links to third-party sites, and researchers warn that not all of these sites can be trusted. Read the report to learn more about and the removal process.testtesttest 100% FREE spyware scan and
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How does work?

When analyzing it has been discovered that this browser hijacker also represents the suspicious search tool Baidu, which you can choose over the Yahoo-powered search engine. Of course, we do not recommend using either of these search tools, because they simply present sponsored links. Clicking on links that might route you to malicious sites is very dangerous. In fact, this might be the reason why you now need to delete from your PC. There is no doubt that a bunch of unreliable programs installed on your operating system might already require removal, including the gamegogle app that provides access to, which is yet another search engine that you cannot trust. Even if you remove and then delete the suspicious application, it is likely that you will have to remove leftover files (signed by Beijing Gaojiaoxintu Technology). This has to be done in order to disable services that are used to control

If you do not take care of the removal of, you will face this search engine every time you launch your web browser. Some users do not think that they need to delete, because the search engine provides easy-access links to,,, and other popular sites. Nonetheless, also provides links to unreliable gaming sites, and it displays potentially unreliable banner advertisements. Due to this, we advise removing the suspicious search engine from your browsers as soon as possible.

How to remove

You should not trust just because the search engine looks trustworthy or fun. In reality, this search engine can open up security backdoors via the ads and links displayed. If you have no wish to worry about various security issues, the first thing you must do is remove Then you need to delete the infections, undesirable programs, and services still active on your PC. Finally, you need to take care of your system’s protection. You should install an automatic malware remover to delete malware and protect your Windows system. The manual removal guide shows how to delete from the most popular web browsers.

Remove gamegogle

Remove from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

  1. Simultaneously tap Win+R to launch RUN, type Control Panel, and click OK.
  2. Move to Uninstall a program and find the undesirable application.
  3. Right-click the application you wish to delete and hit Uninstall.

Remove from Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Open the Start menu by clicking the Windows logo on the Taskbar.
  2. Select Control Panel and go to Uninstall a program.
  3. Right-click the application you want to delete and click Uninstall.

Remove from Windows XP

  1. Navigate to the Taskbar and click the Start icon.
  2. Open Control Panel and double-click Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Remove the undesirable application.


Change the Target

  1. Locate the shortcut of the browser affected by
  2. Right-click the shortcut and select Properties.
  3. Click the Shortcut tab.
  4. Navigate to Target.
  5. Remove the added text after chrome.exe", iexplore.exe" or firefox.exe".
  6. Click OK and move on to the next browser shortcut.

N.B. If you do not change the Target, the undesirable home page will be restored.

Remove from Internet Explorer

  1. Launch the browser and simultaneously tap Alt+T.
  2. Select Manage Add-ons and move to Search Providers.
  3. Set a new default search provider and Remove Click Close.

Remove from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch the browser, simultaneously tap Alt+T, and select Options.
  2. Under the General tab remove/edit the Home Page URL and click OK.

Remove from Google Chrome

  1. Launch the browser, simultaneously tap Alt+F, and select Settings.
  2. Go to On Startup, select Open a specific page or set of pages, and click Set pages.
  3. Edit/delete the undesirable search provider and click OK.
  4. Go to Appearance and select Show Home button.
  5. Click Change and edit/delete the undesirable search provider. Click OK.
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tested removal of*

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