What is is a search provider which may take over the regular search tools on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and even Google Chrome browsers. In most cases, the search provider is identified as a browser hijacker; however, even though this may be just in some cases, you need to recognize that the program is usually installed accidentally. Make sure you always choose the Advanced/Custom installers and take the opportunity to decline unfamiliar or undesirable software. If you are not vigilant, you may end up needing to remove from the browsers. Of course, we do not advise rushing into the removal of this application because there is more to the operation than you think. The report explains in detail how the so-called hijacker works, and how to delete it.testtest 100% FREE spyware scan and
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How does work?

Computer users would not replace trusted search tools with themselves. Therefore, the creators of this suspicious search engine use software bundles to promote it. researchers have discovered that the program is usually attached to the bundled installers presented by Performersoft LLC. This company is known for Driver Performer, Browser Defender, and other suspicious software which you should remove as well. Even though it is possible that the Performersoft software will be installed alongside, third-party applications, such as MyPCBackup or PC Performer, could be installed as well. We recommend that you delete all applications associated to the suspicious search provider. If you find some of the programs useful, you should at least research them to make sure that you do not need to remove malware in disguise.

Even if you are not sure about the removal of additionally installed software, you should not question removal for any longer. Despite being presented as a beneficial search application, this tool presents sponsored search results, which means that third-party advertisers are involved. Due to the risks related to unfamiliar third parties, including false advertising, we do not recommend using Findamo Search or the associated Search The Web tool (on Firefox). We can help you delete these from the browsers.

How to remove

You should delete from the browsers without trying to find reasons not to. Even though the search tool can present authentic search results, it is notable that half of the presented links will actually have nothing to do with your search queries. The sponsored search results may route you to sites you could trust, or they could route you to sites controlled by schemers. If you do not want to be tricked into installing malware or endangering the security of your own virtual identity, you should remove right away. Install reliable, automatic malware removal software to delete third-party software and the files of the hijacker. Afterwards, replace the undesirable search tools using the instructions below.


Remove from Google Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome and simultaneously tap Alt+F.
  2. In the menu on the left click Settings.
  3. Move the cursor to the On Startup section.
  4. Mark Open a specific page or set of pages.
  5. Click Set pages and delete Findamo. Click OK.
  6. Now navigate to Appearance.
  7. Mark Show Home button and click Change.
  8. Delete the URL of the undesirable search tool.
  9. Go to Search and click Manage search engines.
  10. Remove the undesirable search tool and click Done.

Remove from Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox and simultaneously tap Alt+T.
  2. In the Tools menu select Options.
  3. Click the General tab located on the left.
  4. Change/delete the Home Page URL and click OK.
  5. Locate the Firefox search box on the top-right.
  6. Click the search provider icon to open a menu.
  7. Select Manage Search Engines.
  8. Remove the undesirable search tool and click OK.

Remove from Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer, simultaneously tap Alt+T.
  2. In the menu select Manage Add-ons.
  3. In the menu on the left click Search Providers.
  4. Select a new search tool and click Make Default.
  5. Remove the undesirable search tool and click Close.
  6. Tap Alt+T one more time and select Internet Options.
  7. Click the General tab on the left.
  8. Change/delete the Home Page URL and click OK.
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